A turn-around chance for a better tomorrow today for young expextant mother


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"A turn-around chance for a better tomorrow today for young expextant mother" a team fundraiser to help the YES WE CAN FOR PROGRESS INC...


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1st Initiative project: We will establish a home for a capacity of 100 residents at a time, a secure family living environment. The funds we seek will go directly to maintain the home and offset the cost of providing for Expectant mothers (rape victims) their newborns, young boys and girls traumitized by the lost of their home's and loved one's during the January 12, 2010 natural disaster, and were vulnerable to exploitation, traficking , and have no other resources to date. These victims who became homeless coerced into sex , and having to give birth among rubble, and other disaster victims, are still enduring unstable and unsafe living arrangements: sprawling raggedy tent cities with piles of garbage, puddles of standing water, sworm of mosquitoes, pack of thieves and hundreds of stangers living in these close quarters including their attackers, for that reason most rape cases go unreported because of shame, social stigma and fear of reprisal from their attackers. Thus these traumitized victims women and children of very young ages do not seek outside help or support, of reliable sources that can properly address their deplorable situations, these allready victimized individduals exposed to sexually transimitted diseases, and of course the H.I.V. infection, and now as well the cholera rapidly contaminating many, epidemics due to these continous unsanitary conditions will have no end unless some drastic beneficial measures are taken to help these innocent victims, foremost through the aid of formal trainings in ways to avoid these situations, and to not remain victims of these circumstances.

Training: Among our various training program, there will be great emphasis to teach these individuals the importance of having self respect, and as well as respect for others, how to maintain organization, and clearly understand and abide to rules and regulations, while learning the efficiency of networking, and still maintain an individual's identity.

Our training will serve these individuals well beyond their residency in the home Mommy and Me Residence , in every areas of their lives. It will expand their capacity to receive, give back, and to have a sense of purpose.

Join our cause: We will need lots of donors as well as volunteers in all capacities, willing to making lasting visible differences in Haiti . A Turn-Around Chance for a better tomorrow today. One-on-One involvement, or passing on a lifetime of work experience to a generation devastated by a natural disaster and eager to know how to make their mark and rebuild their country, are rewarding experiences not to be missed

Before the quake Haiti was the most dangerous place to be pregnant in the western hemisphere with the lifetime risk of dying in child birth.

WithTransparency: Our residents will be our first responsibility , to provide quality services with love, professional skilled mentors having compassion and respect for all human with dignity regardless, of race creed or religious affiliation.

Please view our web site www.yeswecanforprogress.com for more details on our training for these individuals, and the operation of the home. Education is empowerment.

Team Captain

Mireille Leroy Mireille Leroy

Provide A Turn-Around Chance for a better tomorrow today,Rebuilding a country is a long-term process..