A turn-around chance for a better tomorrow today for young mothers


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"A turn-around chance for a better tomorrow today for young mothers" a team fundraiser to help the undefined...


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The theme and scope of Yes we can for progress: We are a grassroot, multicultural organization, objective is to promote compassion and empathy, while providing a voice for restoration of basic human needs. This includes on-going psychological tratment, assistantance in the form of education for progress, equal rights, and humane tratment for all. Education is empowerment. Rebuilding a country is a long-term process. Rebuilding its people takes even longer.

1st Initiative project: to establish a group home base in Boucan-Carre , a commune , outside of Port-au-Prince the capital of Haiti, housing sexual abused young women at a capacity of 100 young expectant mothers and their children, victims of the January 12 2010 earthquake, nearing two years to date, the situation has not improve, and have gotten worse for these innocent victims .

Our Prospective:This home will be a group residence in a home setting environment for expectant mothers, fourteen or younger, to twenty-one years of age (rape victims) The home will be govern by house mothers and professional mentors. Medical and social services will be administered by make-shift volunteers, medical personnel_physicians , certified mid-wives _and social workers assuring all of the residents social and personal obligations are met.

Our goals: for the residents, will be to provide them with an effective training program in helping them to readjust while building their self worth and self-esteem, with encouragement and inspiration to develop an unwavering committment in pursuing their true desire, and not remain a victim of circumstances.

Benefactors:The program will serve victims of rape their newborns, as well as young boys and girls traumitized by the lost of their home's and loved one's in the January 12, catastrophic natural disaster.

Consequences:Many of these raped individuals and traumitized children who became homeless are now enduring unstable and unsafe living arrangements, sprawling raggedy tent cities (to date) with hundreds of strangers living in close quarters, including their attackers, for that reason, most rape cases go unreported because of shame, social stigma and fear of reprisal from their attackers.

Thus these traumitized victims women and children consisting of boys and girls do not seek outside help or support to address their situation.

Young women and children have to negotiate sexual favors in order to get shelter, access to food. leaving these already victims exposed to all sorts of danger as well as sexual transmitted diseases, and of course the H.I.V. infection.

The training: will serve these individuals well beyond the length of the program which will be a one year term for the older women. the younger residents will remain in the residence until the completion of their primary education,to higher education, or a formal trade, to enable them in becoming self sufficient after leaving the residence., and expand their capacity to receive, give back, and to have a sense of purpose.

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Provide A Turn-Around Chance for a better tomorrow today,Rebuilding a country is a long-term process..