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UWCSEA supports The Green Gecko Project, helping its goal to fund scholarships for the kids over the next year to further their education.


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Although many of the Green Gecko children are still in primary school, 2011 sees two of their eldest boys graduate from high school. Within the next 5 years there will be a further 38.

Green Gecko support to the boys and the rest of the Gecko kids doesn’t stop with high school. With your help, UWCSEA we would like help to cover their costs for further education, including tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses with this SCHOLARSHIP SAVINGS FUND.

If you share in our vision of education breaking the cycle of poverty and would like to contribute towards the Geckos' tertiary education costs and beyond, then this page is for you.

Donating through this site is fast, simple and secure. Not only is it the most efficient way for our US friends to support us, if you are a US taxpayer, your gift is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

About Asia Schools is a registered charity in the US and a great supporter of the Green Gecko Project in Cambodia.

Your donation is needed, appreciated and well spent - thank you!
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