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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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Stones into Schools at SRVHS is trying to raise $8000 by the end of the semester to help CAI promote and support community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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Stones into Schools at SRVHS

Stones into Schools at SRVHS: Semester Campaign

$425 14

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We are a group of passionate students working together to raise funds for girls' education in Central Asia. We know that investing in education means investing in the future of individual children, communities, nations, and our world - we want to teach 'em how to fish.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, a penny can buy a pencil, and about a dollar sends a child to school for a month. Educated women tend to get married later in life, have less children, contribute more to their village's/country's economy, empower women around them, and educate their children. Educating women in a community decreases the population and the chance of death at birth, and in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, education is a peaceful way to fight terrorism. We can make a difference!

100% of donations go to the work CAI does on the ground. CAI is a great nonprofit because, rather than coming in as Westerners pushing change - a stance that tends to create more problems - they get the communities they work in involved as builders, teachers, and parents and make sure everyone knows it is the community's school. This is how they get away with educating women in this region, along with focusing their work in remote regions. You may have heard of them through the book Three Cups of Tea, a NYT bestseller that tells the story of how Greg Mortenson started the organization. If you would like more information on CAI, go to

We made it our goal this semester to raise $8000 - about $2000 a month. We are planning various fundraisers and will post information about them as the details become clear. You can help us reach that goal by donating online!

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Stones into Schools at SRVHS Stones into Schools at SRVHS

Help CAI to change the world through educating girls!