Katrina Relief Urban Plunge--Spring Break 2011

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Help us get to the Gulf Coast to rebuild homes and serve alongside victims of Hurricane Katrina.


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Katrina Relief Urban Plunge

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Katrina Relief Urban Plunge 2011 -- Student Scholarship Fund

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Katrina Relief Urban Plunge

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The recovery process in New Orleans continues to be slow after Hurricane Katrina, five years ago, put 81 percent of the city underwater, caused 1,800 deaths in the region, and left behind $75 billion in destruction. Now the Gulf Oil Spill has put New Orleans and the Gulf Coast on the map once again. The leakage of oil has been stopped after millions of gallons were released into the Gulf waters, but help is needed as much as ever before.

Since 2006, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has organized groups of college students from diverse spiritual and political backgrounds to help rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast during their spring break. Each day, teams will be rebuilding homes along the Gulf Coast with well-established groups like Habitat for Humanity, St. Bernard’s Project and Rebuild Together. Each evening, there will be group discussions and challenging guest speakers who will lead campus groups in exploring the intersection of the Christian faith and service.

With your donation, you will help us pay for the projects that we will be helping with. We're excited to have the opportunity to help the people of the Gulf Coast continue to rebuild their community in our own small but tangible way!

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