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"Global Gecko Skydive: Las Vegas" to help the Green Gecko children in Cambodia live their dreams to the full


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Vegas Skydive for Green Gecko

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Green Geckos: Because every child deserves a chance

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Tori's Vegas Gecko Skydive (3rd Global Gecko Skydive)

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APRIL 2ND 2011 ADELAIDE, SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, DUBAI AND LAS VEGAS: Five groups of in Adelaide, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne, one in Dubai and one in Las Vegas are ready to continue the journey. All crazy enough to jump out of a plane and go sky diving on the exact same day in support of these wonderful children, the Green Geckos in Cambodia! All this following in the footsteps of successful Gecko Skydives in Manhattan, Toronto and Dubai to date!

All former street kids, the Geckos reach up into the clouds every day to reach their dreams. The sky has no limits for what they are capable of and they're doing and living it all. What better way for us to support their dreams becoming a reality than for us to get up in that sky and push our own boundaries to see what we're capable of! Some of us are petrified, we're all excited, and we're ready to do this. We thank you for your support in this wonderful adventure that builds invisible bridges between Australia, Dubai and Cambodia.

There is only one page to donate on for us all, we don't have individual ones, so you're in the right place to donate. Just mention which of us you are sponsoring in your message. :)

With love and a big thank you from all those taking part in Gecko Skydive Team Australia-Dubai and the organisers in each location: Sara (Team Sydney), Tim & Ang (Team Adelaide), Bronwyn (Team Melbourne), Rana (Team Dubai) and Tori (Team Grand Canyon) xxx



Destination 13°25'0"N 103°49'1"E. Otherwise known as Siem Reap, Cambodia. Land of bright colours, monks and temples, tuk-tuks, bicycles and smiles.

I (Tori) first went to Siem Reap Cambodia in 2008 with my family to visit and volunteer with the amazing Green Gecko children. Working with 70 former street children whose families sent them out on the street at all hours to earn money, they are now all part of the Green Gecko Project which provides them with a safe haven, a chance to play, learn, laugh and for the first time in their lives, be children. These gregarious, fun loving, energy-filled children are soaking up every opportunity they are given, they all attend school, excel in their classes, speak good English and Khmer and are the most joyful, considerate, inquisative souls you could ever wish to meet.

The project was set up by Australian Tania and her Cambodian husband Rem who are the inspiration, brains, ideas and drive behind Green Gecko. 4 years on, they are still putting every ounce of energy they have into the future and well-being of these children, offering them a very real chance to be children for the first time in their lives. They rely completely on donations and every penny, cent, dime you donate goes towards the Green Gecko children.

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Tori Higgins Tori Higgins

I believe the children are our future