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A team to raise funding in support of at-risk and rescued horses for Help A Horse Day 2015 at Zuma's Rescue Ranch.


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24 Hours | 48 Horses | 1 Community... Help A Horse Day 2015

Help a Horse Day was designed by the ASPCA as a way for equine organizations to spread the word about the work they do on behalf of at-risk horses – and how their communities could join in the effort. From California to Maine and 30 states in-between, April 26, 2014 – the ASPCA’s second annual Help a Horse Day – was filled with events celebrating the work of equine rescue groups. More than 80 equine rescue groups held events in conjunction with our Help a Horse Day Celebration Contest. Contestants were judged on the creativity of their events, as well as their success engaging their local communities. The ASCPA awarded $10,000 grants to the five finalists in the contest. This year, Help a Horse Day will be held on April 26, 2015.

Help a Horse Day at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch will feature 24 hours of helping horses – a marathon of natural horsemanship. Volunteers, students and staff will gather from Saturday, April 25 through Sunday, April 26 for a lock-in dedicated to working with each of the 48 horses at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. Massage therapy, reiki sessions, sunrise grazing, chiropractic care, are just a few of the services that the horses will receive in the 24-hour period. All of the activities and services that will be provided to each horse will be based on their individual needs.

Additionally, there will be components during the 24 hour marathon event that spread awareness outside of the horse community. On April 25, Zuma’s Rescue Ranch will participate in the International Rally for Survival of Wild Horses and Burros in Downtown Denver at the Capitol building, bringing awareness to our wild equine friends. Help a Horse Day participants will also collect sponsorships for the hours they participate, spreading awareness throughout their networks. Each participant will create their own fundraising page about Help a Horse Day 2015. They will upload videos that highlight the horse or horses they are helping and tell the story of why they are participating. These fundraising pages will be spread through social media so that the sponsorships are not just coming from Colorado, but from around the nation.

Help a Horse Day 2015 with Zuma’s Rescue Ranch will close the 24 hours with an adoption of one of its rescues, a 7 year-old grey gelding named Dan. All of Dan’s training has been completed by staff and volunteers at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch and now he has found his forever home.

*All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided for your records.



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Here's the proposed scheduled slots so you can plan your day & activities. However, if you'd like to participate, but want to schedule your activity a different time than planned - that's okay - just let us know what time you'll be there.

April 25, 11am-2pm International Rally for Survival of Wild Horses and Burros - Downtown Denver, CO

April 25, 6pm-8pm Kick Off Pizza Party & Riding Group April 25, 8pm-10pm Film Screening, Reiki Sessions

April 25, 10pm-midnight (ages 15+) Human-Human Team Building, Raking/Watering Arena, Cleaning Stalls

April 26, Midnight-2am (ages 15+) Constructing New Bitless Bridle Options, Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning/Organizing Facilities

April 26, 6am-7am (ages 15+) Sunrise Grazing

April 26, 7am-9am Morning Feedings, Morning Trail Ride

April 26, 9am-11am Riding Group, Massage Therapy Sessions

April 26, 11am-1pm Ground Work Group, Cranial Therapy Sessions

April 26, 1pm-3pm Chiropractic Sessions, Riding Group, Reiki Sessions

April 26, 3pm-5pm Farrier Work, Obstacle Course Work Group, Evening Walks

April 26, 5pm-6pm Evening Feedings, Closing Celebration

Sign up sheets to confirm participation/hours (or you can just create a fundraiser page with the details) and offline donation forms are available in Zuma's tack room or by emailing

Team Captain

Elyse Lazartic Elyse Lazartic

  1. Elyse LazarticElyse... 04/23/2015 at 04:46 PM ET
    AWESOME RALLY! Let's keep it going over the next few days to get to our goal!
  2. Elyse LazarticElyse... 04/20/2015 at 11:42 AM ET
    wahoo! $1,000 is amazing! great work everyone!
  3. Elyse LazarticElyse... 04/13/2015 at 04:37 PM ET
    thanks new team members for joining! help us get closer to our goal!