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Christ-Centered Pastor Training in Zimbabwe

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Rodney Skyles | Pastor Training | Zimbabwe

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Effects of Grace Ministries is excited to send a team to Zimbabwe in the Summer of 2016! We will share the gospel of Jesus Christ with local people goups in the bush area. We will also train leaders of a local church in church leadership and teaching them to share the gospel. Each night, we will sleep in tents in between the huts of the pator's family.

  • Individual Support: Each team member will be raising $4,400 to cover the trip costs and food while in country.

Once while visiting a pastor in Zimbabwe he made the comment, "I am glad you have come to work." So often, our good deeds fail to take into account what those we are trying to help actually want and need. This pastor in Zimbabwe was glad that we were working side-by-side with him to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in his area.

At Effects of Grace Ministries, we seek to spread the message of the Gospel around the world. We prepare those who go on short-term mission trips to be ready with the gospel message by training them to share their faith in a biblical way. Second, we teach pastors and church leaders to equip their people to share the gospel and live a life that reflects the essence of the gospel. Love God, love others.

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