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"Zambia Children" a team to help the ZAMBIAS SCHOLARSHIP FUND...


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We are seeking to help a wonderful lady, Mrs Veronica Sianga, who works with needy children. Most are orphans of HIV/AIDS, many living in child-headed households. There are more than a million orphaned children in Zambia, about 10% of the population!

Mrs Sianga has set up PIZZ school in Monze Zambia, where many receive love and care as well as education.

Funds will be used just to buy necessary Zambian textbooks in Zambia. It is important to have the right books for the local situation. Apart from a trip to town to collect them there are no other overheads!

We need to buy text books in 6 subjects for the 89 children in Grades 7 to 9.

Books cost about $13 each (15$) on average.

So one between 3 students = 178 books, cost $2340

Plus $20 travel to collect = TOTAL $2360

We are HANDS AROUND THE WORLD, a small NGO registered on Planet NGO.

More than 2000 children benefit every day through our work, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa but also in India.

We encourage short term volunteers to visit and help support, share skills and give encouragement.

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