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$28,830 raised of $39,750
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7 Day Mission Trip to New Life Orphanage, Dec. 10th - 17th


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Melissa Matis

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Rebecca Gordon Pike

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Jodi Conklin

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Brenda Paulette Knoll

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Tony Dunaway

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Rice Bowls Team: Mary Douglas, John Ramantanin, Matt Ayers, Logan Ross

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If you've stumbled on this page without applying...go here first and fill in your Yum Team application for background check approval http://ricebowls.wufoo.com/forms/yum-trip-2012-application/

If you are approved:

Thank you for being a part of the first ever "Go Give Yum" Rice Bowls trip. We are going to have a blast visiting and working with some awesome kids at our partner children's home, New Life, in Nicaragua. As you start to raise awareness and funds, remind people they helping you make a difference in the life of an orphan....and many others by:

  • By giving the orphanage staff a little rest, taking care of the kids, and playing with them
  • Completing a much-needed service projects at the orphanage
  • Serving and visiting the area where many of the children come from - a community (barrio) built around a trash dump/landfill
  • Building a home for a family in this community
  • Helping serve lunch to 100's of kids in the barrio
  • Did we already mention, PLAYING with the kiddos!
  • The $3975* - covers 7 days of team expenses and the food costs for an entire year at this orphanage and ones like it! Yum! Start in the green section over there -------->

*$3975 Includes:

  1. +$800-$900 Flight
  2. +$150 Lodging
  3. +$250 Meals
  4. +$25 Transport
  5. +$100 Supplies
  6. +$50 Airport/departure fees
  7. +25 Travel Insurance
  8. +$200 Build house in barrio
  9. +$2375 Provide funds to feed orphanage (or one like it) for a year

Do you need help in fundraising tips and ideas? We are here to help make this a fun, easy fundraising project and a life-changing trip... Email me at JRamantanin@ricebowls.org or give me a call 864-809-5229

Team Captain

John Ramantanin John Ramantanin

I'm a giver of YUM

  1. Melissa MatisMelissa... 12/04/2012 at 12:57 PM ET
    Hey Team! Really excited to meet all of you in just a few short days!! Would like to help someone out if anyone needs money towards their trip
  2. John RamantaninJohn... 08/24/2012 at 10:44 AM ET
    This trip is going to be amazing! We're gonna have a blast.