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Do you remember being a teenager? Everyone judged you, and no one was honest about sex, right? That’s how it felt anyway.

Imagine raising a baby at the same time.

There are twelve young women in YSI’s Teen Success program who are also parents. They’re trying to finish school, be healthy, and become great moms even though the odds are stacked against them.

They go to Teen Success every week – even when it takes three buses to get there. They say the facilitators are honest and smart and that it’s the only time they can ask questions or say what they really think without being judged. The facilitators talk with them about healthy relationships, help them choose birth control, and guide them in making good decisions that keep them out of trouble – all while having fun.

Teen Success is a proven national model and it works: teen moms who participate in the program graduate from high school. In 2011 its founders asked YSI to start the program in Philadelphia and gave enough money for YSI to operate it for two years.

The teens need people like you to make a donation to keep Teen Success going for its third year. Please make a donation today to help raise $15,000 in the next 2 months. Your donation will make a difference this year for a teen struggling to balance school, life, and motherhood.

If 15 teams each raise $1,000 the teen mothers will have Teen Success for a crucial 3rd year. Whether you give $50 or $500, your donation makes a big difference in their lives.

Ajay Rewari, Emily DiTomo, and Cristina Hoyt
Young Friends of YSI

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