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TEAM IMPACT: Supporting youth voice, leadership and service! Are you bold enough?


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Bold R' Dash Team IMPACT

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Bold R' Dash Team IMPACT

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Are you bold enough? Bold enough for what you ask?

  • To take on an extreme mental and physical challenge while getting fit!
  • To support meaningful youth voice where young leaders have access to top level decision makers at all levels of the community.
  • To support young leaders who are having major IMPACT on their community through their service and advocacy.
  • To be a part of expanding a program model that will pay dividends in the state of Rhode Island and beyond for years to come!!!

Bold R' Dash TEAM IMPACT will conquer an extreme 5K course at Yawgoo Valley on August 13th while raising funds for the Southern New England Youth Commission Initiative. It is the goal of the Southern New England Youth Commission Initiative to expand through replication the highly successful and popular Youth Commission model currentlyengaging local youth from both Cumberland and North Providence in service and advocacy initiatives.

Some facts about the Youth Commission: Begun in 2007 by Mayor Dan Mckee in Cumberland in partnership with local high school students. The youth commission was expanded to North Providence through the efforts of Mayor Charles Lombardi, the North Providence School Admnistartation, Neil Anderson, a youth program development specialist who built the model, and other community partners in 2009. In 4 years, this program has involved more than 75 youth in service and advocacy initiatives within their local communities. Accomplishments have included the development of a home heating assistance fund for residents in need, partnering with community decision makers to increase youth programming throughout both of these respective communities, meeting with Senators, Mayors, Town Councilors, and other decision makers to promote a youth agenda for positive community change, assisting with Haitian Relief efforts, and conducting a variety of community service projects. 100% of Youth Commission graduates have gone on to college. Schools attanded by Youth Commission alumni include: The Naval Academy, Brown Unversity, Boston University, Clark University, Stonehill College, Providence College, the University of Rhode Island, Wheaton College, Rhode Island College, the University of Missouri, Johnson and Wales University, and Tufts University.

It is the goal of the SNEYCI to develop a youth commission program in each of RI's 39 cities and towns.

To run a fun and exciting extreme 5K whild

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Neil Anderson Neil Anderson

  1. Ify OfokansiIfy Ofokansi 07/07/2011 at 12:45 PM ET
    got my first donation of $20, and expecting another one soon :)
  2. Neil AndersonNeil... 05/25/2011 at 03:11 PM ET
    Yeah, we have a fundraising site! Go Team IMPACT! Let's raise a ton of money and of course have some fun!