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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$4,310 raised of $15,000
($4,235 online, $75 offline)

"Young Life White Bear - Mahtomedi Area (MN25) Stakeholders!" Helping Young Life help kids!

Team Members

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Aaron Merritt

Young Life - White Bear Lake / Mahtomedi

$10 1


Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson

$60 5


Amy Carlin

Amy Carlin's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$90 4


April Harding

April Harding's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$120 4


BJ Elvendahl

BJ Elvendahl's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$245 7


Blake Zomermaand

Blake Zomermaand

$200 4


Colleen Kopp

Colleen Kopp’s Stakeholder Fund Drive

$320 10


Doug Schubert

Doug Schubert's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$540 15


Joel Sherwood

Joel Sherwood's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$500 9


John Cheesebrow

John Cheesebrow's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$10 1


John Ottaviani

JohnO's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$50 1


Lisa Madison

Lisa Madison's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$60 2


Nate Zwonitzer

Nate Zwonitzer's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$500 4


Rachael Hafdahl

Rachael Hafdahl's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$550 5


Rachel Geiger

Rachel Geiger's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$360 10


Sarah Kopp

Sarah's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$50 3


Sarah Swoboda

Sarah Swoboda's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$150 6


Steven Luebke

Steven luebke

$510 2


Taylor Sinclair

Taylor Sinclair’s Stakeholder Fund Drive.

$120 5


Tom Tulberg

Tom Tulberg's Stakeholder Fund Drive

$10 1

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We have either been personally impacted by this ministry, or know others who have, and are reaching out to invite people to make a small gift that will help bring caring, Christian adults alongside teenagers--in high school and middle schook, able-bodied, and kids with special needs--as they make their way through the challenging years of adolescence.

Team Captain

John Ottaviani John Ottaviani

  1. John OttavianiJohn... 11/16/2012 at 11:25 AM ET
    Hi Friends--the "day after"--THANK YOU for your efforts. Together, we raised over $5,500 for our ministry! This "stakeholder drive" brought in about $4400, including a few cash/check donations that were handed to me, and my individual reach out to our email list brought in about $1100 in addition. I really REALLY appreciate the time and energy you put into this, and will send out a short questionnaire to learn from you how it worked from your angle, and what we might improve next time around. Have a great weekend! May God bless you. Grace & Peace, johnO
  2. John OttavianiJohn... 11/15/2012 at 10:20 AM ET
    Hi Friends--Today's the day! Get a reminder out to your contacts if you can. Thanks again! Grace & Peace, johnO
  3. John OttavianiJohn... 11/14/2012 at 11:30 AM ET
    Hi Friends--with tomorrow being Give To The Max day, I urge you to get a communication out to your contacts this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest. I included a template in the instruction packet I initially sent you, a few keys are that you mention your personal goal (to raise $500), you ask for a "quick, small gift of $10 or maybe $20," and say "no pressure!" Be sure to include the link, obviously. Again, THANK YOU for doing this on behalf of our ministry with kids! Grace & Peace, johnO
  4. John OttavianiJohn... 11/13/2012 at 11:41 AM ET
    I'm in "daily drumbeat" mode now...If you haven't reached toward your people, please do so and let them know the big day/deadline is approaching! Thanks again for taking this on--about $3500 raised so far! Grace & Peace, johnO
  5. John OttavianiJohn... 11/12/2012 at 01:19 PM ET
    Hi Friends--Thursday is "Give to the Max" Day...I recommend you get a mesage out to your contacts once before Thursday, letting them know you'll be reaching toward them, and once again on Thursday asking for their gift. Take a look at your current totals--many of you are off to a great start, for the sake of our ministry with kids, I sure hope you'll be able to reach the $500 goal! Thanks for being part of this--just a few days and it'll be all over...!