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Please Help me receive a new service dog to once again become the independent woman that I am.


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My name is Geraldeen Liddiard, but everyone calls me “Gerry”. I am a single, 66 year old woman. I live in Lompoc Ca, and have resided on the central coast for the majority of my life. I am like any other warm, caring, and laid back lady my age… But I have one set back, I suffer from a condition called “Cerebral Palsy”, which has confined me to a wheelchair all of my life. Because of my condition, I am not able to walk, I have problems with my speech, and my left arm is severely paralyzed. Life has been proving to become more and more challenging. I need all the help I can get. I wouldn’t have been able to survive on my own if I did not have the help of my caretakers, but most importantly the help of a Service dog. These dogs have been trained since they were puppies by professionals to help the disabled. These wonderful dogs have enabled me to be the independent woman that I would prefer to be throughout my span of life. Just like any other human being in this world, I deserve to do things on my own. I look forward to being as independent and self-sufficient as possible without such intervention from others. Like most adult humans I crave alone time, and privacy. They are very important to me so with the companionship and help that a service dog could provide me with I will once again be able to go out on my own to run errands, such as: going to the grocery store, the bank, and taking care of personal matters all on my own. A huge piece of my happiness comes from enjoying the outdoors, getting that whiff of fresh air, seeing the nature, and getting plenty of sunlight, and socializing with my community without the un easy feelings of being bothersome, afraid, or unsafe. All these little things I love enjoying may seem very minuet but they are the key components of continuing to have a long, rich, satisfying and most importantly happy life are not possible for me without the help of a service dog. You might be wondering how a service dog would be able to help a woman like myself be able to do things independently so here is a little insight of my life; When I’m home, my staff may not always be available to help me out once they have left so with the help of service dog when I am home alone I know that I will be safe because the skills a service dog has such as being able to run for help by getting another person’s attention to come and help if ever needed, being able to pick up a phone and hand it to me in case of an emergency, picking up items up off the floor that I may have dropped, turn lights on/off, open doors, and most importantly give me lots of love and emotional support. Of course getting the physical help from a service dog would answer my prayers but it is the emotional support and absolute unconditional love that is one of the biggest joys of having a service dog, because with this condition of Cerebral Palsy I am in a constant battle of judgment and hurtful looks and remarks and pity with the outside world with even the simplest of tasks. Maintaining close ties with people and my community and being able to build meaningful and long lasting friendships with others has become almost impossible with my staff always coming and going, my family living out of state, and having a speech problem. Service dogs have been there for me through thick and thin, and are the best of friends someone like me could ever have. I don’t know what I would have done without having these special canines throughout my life. You also might be wondering how I may know of how loving and helpful a service dog is, well I only know this because I had an absolute pure loving service dog for many years who was able to help me in all that I have needed help with all required needs of my cerebral palsy. Unfortunately after all those years I was forced to say goodbye to my one true best friend because it was her time to cross over into retirement, and ever since my best friend has left my side it has been an absolute uphill battle trying to find the right service dog for my needs. That was until I was directed in the way of an extremely special company/dog trainer in Southern California who goes in depth with all my daily activities and needs, even finds the exact breed that I am looking for. As I said above, I lost my best friend and I am still now going on about 3 years now without a service dog. I feel a huge part of me is missing, as though I have a hole in my heart. I no longer have the independence I once had. I’m no longer able to go out on my own, and I feel as though the free, happy, spunky, and independent woman that I want to be is beginning to slip away if I am not able to be connected with a new service dog. It has been pretty devastating to say the least, but I’ve been trying to remain as optimistic as possible, in hopes I will once again regain my independence and have that special companion back in my life. I have written this letter in the hopes that people may have the heart and compassion and understanding to possibly be able to donate whatever possible to help me get back to my happy independent self with a new service dog. My monthly income is extremely limited but, I’m saving as much as I can because this dream is so important to me. Without the help of my community this will never be possible for me again. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it on my own anymore. I need help from a sponsor or people who would like to share their time, ideas, or simply make a donation towards my goal. Anything helps really, but in order to make the deadline, I needed to think on a grander scale and try to get as much help as I possibly can. If you are reading this, I’m hoping you can help me out somehow to reach my goal. You now may be wondering what the total cost is, well the breed of my choice of dog, training, traveling, and lodging will come out to about $9,000-$12,000. I have little less than half saved up and am in the process of fundraising, accepting grants and donations and hopefully with your help this dream of a simply happy and easier life will not seem so out of reach. Also keep an eye out for “You are my Hero Fund” that is my funds that I will be going out with my staff and doing whatever I can possibly do to obtain a new companion, as I know a new service dog will not solve all my problems, the service dog will just be able to make it that much easier.

Thank you for your time.


Geraldeen Liddiard.

If interested in helping me reach my goal, please contact by email:

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Geraldeen Liddiard Geraldeen Liddiard