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A team to help the NJ YMCA Youth & Government Program provide financial help to those in need in its Civic Engagement programs.


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Dimitri Henry

NJ YAG: Join Us and Help Support the Future Leaders of America

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Our Goal

Our Goal is to reduce or remove any financial barrier for any Youth & Government delegate for the 2015 Conference to make it more accessible to teenagers from all over New Jersey-$6,500 in aid was given last year, directly impacting 58 students.

Where your money goes

Your donation is going to help YMCA Youth and Government fund transportation, reduce financial burdens for advisors, reduce the cost for the Conference on National Affairs (CONA), starting new delegations, the Days of Service, the Servant Leadership Retreat, and cover the cost of conference for delegates with financial needs who may not have been able to attend otherwise. Each donation will help to ensure that no student is excluded from a chance to explore politics and opinions in a judgement free setting.

Fast Facts

You are supporting an organization with:

  • 76 years of history
  • 26 schools across NJ
  • 550+ participants per conference
  • 4 Annual “Days of Service” Events at 10+ locations each event
  • Hundreds of alumni throughout NJ

Youth & Government is a YMCA program that offers an opportunity for high school students to explore their political interests through intense debate over matters of the state government. Established in 1936, Youth & Government began as a teen leadership program to help empower, inspire, and motivate teens across the country. Youth and Government has grown significantly over the years, expanding to more than 50,000 teens across 39 states. Your tax-deductible contribution will go towards empowering youth from all walks of life and encouraging them to be active citizens through the Youth and Government Program.

Team Captain

Dimitri Henry Dimitri Henry

Reduce or remove any financial barrier for any Youth & Government delegate for the 2015 Conference