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Young Life: Greater Bloomington Legacy Celebration (IN35)

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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$5,230 raised of $13,000
($4,730 online, $500 offline)

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Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

Bloomington North (IN35)

$2,605 8


Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

Bloomington South (IN35)

$1,795 12


Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

Edgewood (IN35)

$925 5


Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

WyldLife at Bloomington Middle Schools (IN35)

$240 5


Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

Brown County (IN35)

$225 2


Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

Eastern Greene (IN35)

$150 3

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Help support Young Life: Greater Bloomington and celebrate the lives that have been impacted by giving to your favorite Young Life team.

- Bloomington South

- Bloomington North

- Eastern (Greene)

- Edgewood

- Brown County

- WyldLife (Bloomington Middle Schools)

The winning team will win two $300 camp scholarships. Second place team will win one $300 camp scholarship.

Our $13,000 goal will cover all of our ministry expenses (training, supplies, office expenses, transportation, and fundraising) for this year.

SIGNING BONUS: a local foundation will donate $200 for every new monthly donor of $20/month or more!

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Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35) Young Life Greater Bloomington (IN35)

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  1. Jennifer & Brett ThompsonJennifer &... 05/19/2014 at 11:11 PM ET
    WE <3 YL AND WL! Even though we are a house divided we are excited to see excitement for all Bloomington YL/WL teams!
  2. Jodi ByersJodi Byers 05/19/2014 at 04:28 PM ET
    As a Thunderbird transformed to Mustang, I must say teams starting with an E and Red/black/white colors embody strength and growth! Go teams, GO! #oddsarebetterifyouhavetwoteams ;)