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"YAB (Youth Advisory Board) all-stars!" a team to help myHealth finish off their 40th year of helping teens with a bang!

Team Members

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Our team is composed of all current members of the myHealth Youth Advisory Board, as well as any YAB alums who wish to join. myHealth for Teens and Young Adults is an organization that provides low or no cost medical care, reproductive care, mental health care, and education, for any young person age 12-23 in Hennepin, Carver and Scott counties. The Youth Advisory Board is a group of young people from across myHealth's service area, who come together and volunteer their time to make sure that our clinics and educational services are truly delivered with young people in mind! Our YAB members, all juniors and seniors in high school, help guide decisions made by myHealth, give a youth perspective on educational materials, decor, staffing, and all aspects of the day to day workings of our organization. In addition, we make sure that people in the community know how awesome teens and young adults can be, by volunteering with other community organizations, on behalf of myHealth.

Each of us volunteers for different reasons, whether it is to spend time with teens from across the metro area, because we truly believe in the mission of myHealth and their goal to help all teens and young adults be both well and well informed, because we have seen first hand how myHealth helps the community, or our friends, or us, or because we want to make a difference and have our voice heard, and being a part of myHealth's Youth Advisory Board lets us do that.

Being a part of YAB is all about empowerment, and we want to help myHealth by raising $2012 in the next 8 days to support an organization that educates and empowers teens. Please consider donating today! Whether you can give $5 or $500, know that the money you give will go directly to help young people be happier, healthier, and more well-informed!

When we raise $50, the donation could be used for...

  • Pregnancy counseling for a clinic client
  • One month of birth control for an uninsured client
  • Vision tests for 10 teens
  • A strep test for two uninsured clients
  • Flu vaccines for three young people

Once we make $100, we could help pay for:

  • An HIV test and visit with a nurse for an uninsured client
  • A whooping cough vaccine for one young person
  • Two asthma check appointments
  • An hour of health education for a client and their partner who have questions about birth control, STIs, and relationships
  • Hearing tests for 10 clients

Can you believe that just $250 could pay for:

  • A nurse making two home visits with a pregnant or parenting teen
  • A possibly life-savingt mental health counseling session for a teen and his or her parents
  • Four sick young people to be seen and get mono tests
  • 25 pregnancy tests
  • A 90 minute presentation on relationships, body image or cybersafety for a high school class

Every $500 we raise could pay for:

  • One full day of teaching communication skills, self esteem, or birth control methods to teens at a local high school
  • Ear infection treatments for 10 kids
  • 10 sports, camp or college physicals
  • One IUD for an uninsured college student which lasts 5 years

Seriously, the money we raise over the next 8 days will do nothing less than change lives! We volunteer our time with myHealth because we want to educate and empower other young people--don't you want to do the same?

Team Captain

Nina Jonson Nina Jonson

  1. Nina JonsonNina Jonson 11/08/2012 at 09:18 AM ET
    Okay team, here we go! We have 8 days to raise $2012 dollars, which means you need to share this page everywhere, with everyone! Remember, we can do this! I can't wait to take you all our for Coldstone once we achieve our goal!!!!!