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Funding a non-corporate based media injunction and focusing on important projects & journalism for REAL affairs.


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WordswithMeaning! (or WordMean! for short) WordswithMeaning.org is a fully independent and alternative suppressed news/editorial website, run by a team of passionate free-thinkers devoted to keeping the public informed about the more “meaningful” things in the news, with opinions, thoughts and our exclusive research on a wide variety of subjects.

We aim to trivialize the media and all-for-profit news sources. We are entirely anti-authoritarian, anti-conservatism, anti-capitalist and we are blatantly against society’s isolation and disregard for society. The media need to know one thing – It’s not about entertainment and celebrities, it’s about the thousands of words that remain unspoken and the millions of voices silenced and forbidden to give their opinions.

Those who are part of the writing team don’t take everything seriously, and therefore they either write elegantly or they publish humorous and deprecating information in the hopes to get a point across. On the other hand, Don’t expect censorship.

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