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"Woolf Family Summer Support Fundraiser" a team to help Chad and Kari Woolf reach their summer support goal for Not In My City!


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Not In My City is an organization that equips churches to meet real needs in the local community. Over the past year and half Not In My City has worked with dozens of churches to launch new ministries all over Southwest Florida. In this short amount of time we've been able to...

  • Work with dozens of churches to increase the outreach in their local communities.
  • Raise ten's of thousands of dollars in food, supplies, and funds for at risk kids in local schools.
  • Print and distribute twelve thousand community resource guides to help people find help in times of crisis.
  • Provided low cost date nights and a marriage experience for over a hundred couples to help them increase intimacy in their marriage.
  • Launched a full scale Workforce Empowerment Ministry helping people who are un and underemployed learn how to take back control in their job search.
  • Provided parenting classes, foster care resources, community events, and marriage mentors to serve our community.
  • Recruited and trained mentors through partnerships with multiple local churches and our relationship with Big Brother's Big Sisters.
  • Trained and released twenty-five volunteer community chaplains.
  • Launched a new network of churches in Labelle, FL that is working with two schools and three churches to meet needs in that community.

Moving into the fall and early part of 2014 we are expanding our services to the community by opening a low income medical clinic and a fully licensed counselling center in Cape Coral, FL. These services will continue to increase the churches ability to reach people right where they are at, demonstrating the love of God in a practical way and providing a compelling platform to share the transforming message of the gospel with lost people in our community.

Please consider donating to help us finish out this budget year with 100% of our support fully raised. 50% of our salary is provided directly by personal supporters, by donating to our support you help us keep all of our focus on the ministry God has given us to do. Thank you for helping us continue to do this work!

Team Captain

Chad Woolf Chad Woolf