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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

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"Women Warriors" Raising 10 for Ten

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In celebration of African Women's Coalition Tenth Anniversary, AWC board, staff and friends plan to raise $10,000.!

African Women's Coalition is a pan-African community-based organization that helps to educate, engage and empower African immigrant & refugee women and their families in Portland, OR.

Your gift helps us run an after-school African Youth Club at the Hosford Middle School, helping young African youth build pride in their cultural heritage and develop academic, integration and critical life skills. It also helps us engage their mothers to understand the public school system and learn to advocate for their children.

Your support helps us provide health education and leadership development to African immigrant and refugee women.We work as a community to change the ways systems are putting our families at a disadvantage and putting our health at risk. We work to harness our considerable strengths and resilience to build assets and leadership in our communities.

Your contribution helps African immigrant & refugee women become community researchers and policy advocates who will promote the political and social conditions that would encourage our entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

African Women's Coalition is connecting African women together across our many communities, listening to and lifting up our complex stories, and working to bring our amazing gifts to the schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and communities we are a vibrant part of.

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