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""With a Caring Heart Team"" a team to help the PAMOJA HOUSE COMMUNITY TOGETHER...


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As a caring Team, we are aware that "Poverty is not created by the poor. It is created by the structures of society and the policies pursued by society. Experience demonstrates that, given the support of financial capital, however small, the poor are fully capable of improving their lives."

As a Caring Team, We aim to provide a sustainable solution to poverty and its effects by empowering the rural poor to create wealth for themselves, by providing the minimal financial intervention to start the process of poverty reduction through building the capacity to initiate and manage income generating activities in their localities.

This will help them make a positive difference in their lives, as they will be responsible in managing the resources for their well being and the beneffit of their families.

The objectives of the team are:

-Reduce poverty, accelerate growth and improve the living standards of people.
-Finance economically and socially viable small scale income generating projects.
-Empower women within households and society as decision makers through active economic participation.
-Create maximum employment opportunities.
-Create self sufficient and self employed people.

We want to Do well by DOing Good.

Team Captain

Sam Njoro Sam Njoro