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The wildest, wooliest team raising money for CASA via the Kid Walk, 2012!!!


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Calleaghn Kinnamon

Calleaghn Kinnamon

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Imagine you are a child who finds yourself in court; the victim of abuse or neglect... in the company of a judge, attorneys, social workers... all strangers. You are scared; your world has been turned upside down. You are alone. This is the reality abused children face all the time. Far too many children have never slept in a warm bed, had clean clothes to wear, nutritious food to eat, or someone to hug. That's where CASA comes in. We provide one-to-one advocacy to help prevent children from "falling through the cracks."

Our trained volunteers advocate for abused children in court, assuring that they are placed in safe, nurturing homes where they will flourish. We speak for children who would otherwise have no voice, giving unconditional love, ensuring that each child receives the needed services to heal.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) speaks for children in court because all children have a right to live in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

More information at http://humboldtcasa.org/

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Calleaghn Kinnamon Calleaghn Kinnamon