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Bringing the Whole Life Charter School to life for children who learn differently.


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To date, the founders of the Whole Life Charter School received over 350 stories like these:

"My daughter was diagnosed with her disabilities one year ago. She is on medication, in Special Education classes but yet she is still struggling. She 2013-14 is her last year in Elementary school and I am afraid that when she enters middle school she will get lost in the mix and she will shut down. I dont want this to happen to her."

"Our son has ADHD. This year, in 3rd grade, he was struggling with the teacher and his homework assignments. He began shutting down and the teacher began sending home unfinished class work in addition to homework and monthly projects. it was too much for him and our home was very stressful. We believe that your school could be what we are looking for."

Specialized private schools that offer small classes, highly individualized curricula, and teachers who are specifically trained to creatively customize the learning experience of each child do exist however they are financially out of reach of the average household. This leaves parents of children having learning disabilities often engaging in an expensive battle with their local school districts to get their children the accommodations their children need to succeed at school and in life.

Parents are desperate for a school that can wrap itself around every unique child and help each discover their own learning styles in an environment that has the flexibility to support their individual learning needs.

The Whole Life Charter School was developed to provide just such an education to children. Once open, the Whole Life Charter School will also be free to parents. It will be the only free charter school specializing in children struggling with ADHD and High Functioning Autism in the state.

We still have several barriers to cross, not the least of which are resistant school districts protective of each and every dollar they believe is rightfully theirs rather than the student's they are mandated to serve.

Because Pennsylvania school districts have the first right of refusal, they automatically deny charter applications. Like other charter applicants, we have to go to the Charter Appeals Board to be heard by an unbiased committee with the power to reverse the out of hand denials of the school districts.

Having to go to the Charter Appeals Board substantially lengthens the process and increases the costs of applying. Many applicants give up. We haven't and we won't.

Legal fees for the WLCS application to West Chester and Downingtown cost over $10,000 as of this writing. Our plan is to resubmit an improved application to the districts. Our expectation is that the districts will still render denials forcing an appeal to the CAB. We expect the remaining process to cost an additional $25,000.

To date, the founding team has received over 350 stories similar to the two at the top of this page. The need for the Whole Life Charter School is great and each day brings new children to our attention. Each dollar we raise from these donations will get us closer to opening the doors of this school.

Please help us meet this goal.

Team Captain

Gary Sobolow Gary Sobolow