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Helping raise funds for our annual two-weekend Wharton Build Days


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Every year in the spring, a large group of Penn students from Wharton, Penn Design and other graduate schools participate in a "Block Build." During this two-weekend event, skilled laborers and volunteers from the community and from professional and student organizations carry out essential repairs and renovations to houses that wouldn't otherwise receive the attention and work they need to remain safe and habitable. The homeowners of these houses are often low-income families, elderly, infirmed, or in other need of assistance and as such, they greatly appreciate the aid that the volunteers provide.

Rebuilding Together provides great opportunities for first year leadership! And it is one of the only clubs at Wharton that connects directly with the residents and our neighbors in West Philadelphia.

Please reach out to any of our officers for more information and answers to any of your questions!

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Girish Nanda Girish Nanda