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Raising Funds for Our New Program with Odyssey House to Benefit Young Women Receiving Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction.

The WGIRLS are excited about our new program with young women receiving treatment at Odyseey House. Women who are involved in activities that keep them interested and engaged are far more likely to remain in treatment longer and with more success Therefore, WGIRLS will be working with young women aged 18-24 through mentorship and extracurricular activities. We are raising funds for program supplies and safe transportation to the South Bronx.

About the Program

The Lafayette Avenue Program offers a gender-specific approach for achieving lasting sobriety so young women can get back on track with schooling and other life goals. Young adults live and learn in a peer-driven environment that provides family-like structure and support. Supervised by a multi-disciplinary team of counselors, teachers, and health care personnel, girls receive the individualized support and attention they need to grow into healthy young women.

Treatment services focus on nurturing areas often affected by substance use, including school, mental health, self-esteem, family and other relationships.

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The WGIRLS provides underprivileged women and children in local communities, and in times of inter

  1. WGIRLS INCWGIRLS INC 10/22/2014 at 03:36 PM ET
    Hello All! Thank you for joining to help us raise the 5k we need to support our new program at Odyssey House!