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Please help us raise funds to cover the cost of travel, food, lodging and supplies as we inaugurate the school and establish a clinical site

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In 2011 Water Education International partnered with Dr. Laguerre and Solano Community College to undertake a project rehabilitating a severely dilapidated school site in Cherette, Haiti. Students from Solano have worked hard taking 5 trips over the past two years to make this a reality, demolishing the school that was in ill disrepair, developing relationships with local Haitian contractors, engineering and constructing the new school. This June, finally finished, the new school will be inaugutrated to empower this remote village in the southeast of Haiti.

Once a year during this time along with the schoolbuilding mission we have hosted temporary medical clinics in the neighboring village of St. Georges, Haiti. Last year, with only one physician, one nurse, and a supervised support team of Solano students and missionaries from WEI we were able to see well over 500 patients in just three days. The magnitude of need has led us to move to establish a permanent clinical site where minor issues can be treated by trained locals and more major conditions can be seen by Haitian physicians in Port Au Prince via telemedicine.

Along the way, we have realized the potential for this project to become so much more for the communities of Solano County, the people of the villages where we are working to empower the people with access to education and medical technology, the healthcare system at large in Haiti, and eventually the developing world as a whole. This project will grow into an institution over the years to come.

Your generous support of your family member, friend or colleague involved with this year's mission will help to develop the greater overall mission of moving medicine and education in these villages and Haiti into the 21st century, help your loved one to develop their career, help Solano Community College develop a public health and global response curriculum that will be competetive in a rapidly growing sector, and empower the people of all of these communities to greatness.

Your support is deeply appreciated.

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