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"WE PROTECT LIFE" a team to help the LAREDO LIFE CENTER...


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LLPC, embodied in its staff and volunteers, is committed to supporting women in crisis pregnancies with the goal of minimizing the number of abortions in our local community through a compassionate presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in both word and deed. While we count the number of clients who do or do not have abortion, this must not become this center's definition of success. We are in an on-gong race. Furthermore, through education and outreach to both area churches and the local community, we aim to create an awareness that abortion compounds human need rather than resolves it. We also strive to encourage abstinence till marriage. The LLPC is a non-profit Christian agency that does not discriminate in offering its services free of charge.

Our goals for 2013:

1.Create a mentor program to help men and women break free from the cycle of dependency.

2.Become Medical to provide Ultrasounds "A Windo to the Womb"

3.Begin an abstinence program that will go beyond the Life Center doors and into the community. (ex. schools, colleges)

4. Begin a Man 2 Man - mens program.

Financial Support - It would be wonderful if your family or church would add the LLPC to their monthly giving or missions giving/budget. The LLPC is a non-profit Christian organization and does not generate any income from its services. It is only because of our regular local support that we can keep our doors open and the assistance provided available. On-line giving has never been more secure or easier! Click on the above "Donate" button for fast, secure, easy donations, saving time and postage while blessing the LLPC!

Team Captain

Sandy Nava Sandy Nava