Warriors for Jesus Christ He Loves you unconditionally have faith

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"Warriors for Jesus Christ He Loves you unconditionally have faith" a team to help the undefined...project of Holy Trinity United Ministry


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Would you give 14 cents per day to the Lord? $48 dollars a year as a new member in our church you will see great benefits and blessings.

Let us be straight to the point ....is the Lord Highest worth 14 cents a day? thats $48 dollars per year.......would you be a champion and join us in this ministry for which you will earn everlasting love take a look...Dear True Believing Friend in Christ, Brother /Sister
Let us point out to you THE POWER OF YOU you dear brother are not alone , you have the holy trinity behind you, in front of you and by your side.Jesus said "Lo I am with you always' and i will never leave thee nor forsake the"..we make this appeal short and direct to your hearth we need $$ to put in a septic tank, get the water well running and other repairs much needed for our church WOULD YOU BE A CHAMPION AND HELP US OUT
we wait your reply in God Speed! truly and sincerely signed by
Friends of Jesus entire staff/members
a non denominational ministry
lWE INVITE EVERYONE TO COME AND BECOME A MEMBER for only 14 cents PER DAY , $1.00 a week that is $48 dollars for the whole year IN RETURN the church
will burn a candle for you
write you a personal thank you note
pray for you on a weekly base
invite you over for mass or and visit
keep you posted on the events going on throughout the year
and a true feeling of belonging to a house of worship
where you will not be just a number but a private person a live person
quarterly burning on altar and praying over your needs etc.
REMEMBER WHAT Malachi 3;10 and Deuteronomy 8:18 says
God Bless you and your Home!!
Location: vineland, new jersey 08360
The Bible never lies " Prayer is the answer to all our needs" if you start having faith in yourself and put your money to a good use you will reap great benefits. Reach in faith, for the incredible blessing God has ordained in your life .Remember , your seed never leaves your life it is simply moves into your future where you are closer to your miracle blessing than ever before. REMEMBER MY FRIENDS nothing escapes the attention of your Heavenly Father. Sow your seed offering and make it a signal to God of your faith in His promise in the Bible at St Luke 6;38 Give and it shall be given unto you, good measures pressed down, and shaken together , and running over EVERYTHING GOD DOES COMES FROM A SEED so i will end here and let you make a decision if indeed your God is worth 14 cents a day!

Pastor Joe and Pastor Beckie Bee is awaiting your arrival come as you are if you dont have the one dollar THAT IS FINE we want to meet with you and talk about JESUS and His Miracles

we look forward to meet you

Team Captain

avram yushan avram yushan

  1. avram yushanavram yushan 03/04/2013 at 07:44 PM ET
    WE NEED YOUR $$ donation 14 cents per day thats $48 a year!! in return you will be blessed, you are not just a number but you are a loved memeber WE CARE WE LOVE YOU WE INVITE YOU OVER!!