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Books transmitted from the divine dimension by spoken channeling, information that preserve the high vibration recorded on video support


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Video books by channeling


Surely you wonder how it is possible that someone can offer video books and what does it mean. I was spiritually awakened as a result of a revelation. In 21 years I had special experiments, I lived the miracle in all sorts of shapes, from the miracle of my healing and other people healing to communication through writing and then orally with astral Universe.
My name is FELICIA MUNTEANU (Alida Avram) and you can see on my website that what I assert is true because it rely on my achievements. I received through channeling many information and some of them have materialized in over 100 books. I must confess that channeling is from my point of view a state of abandonment.
Because I am one of the human being on the planet who can retrieve information by spoken and written channeling, I can provide very useful information that is important to reach as many people as it is possible. Spoken channeling is a rare phenomenon on the planet, quite few people can retrieve information from by voice from various entities voice from the Universe. I retrieve information orally from God, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, angels, saints and from beings from the astral dimension who are in the light.

I recorded several video books retrieved by spoken channeling:
- Inner-kingdom
-Talking with Christ
-Mother of God’s voice
-Messages from God and Jesus Christ
-Dialogue after silence – international personalities
-Dialogue after silence -Romanian personalities
-Dialogue after silence with Saint ARSENIE BOCA
-Dialogue after silence with Lucian Blaga
-Dialogue after silence with Constantin Noica
- Dialogue after silence with Peter TUTEA.

All of these video books are retrieved by voice in Romanian language. In order to send this information in the world it is necessary to be subtitled in Romanian language. Books are recorded in video form 60 minute to 120 minute. Processing by voice transmits a certain vibration that is essential in taking over the information, that’s way subtitling is important. What I can offer to those who will support this project are my books. Each donor can choose 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, depending on the donated sum.
The donors will have their names inscribed on DVD and video.
Each listener will to be able to enjoy of information received from my video books . they should open their hearts and take and the benefit of vibrations transmitted in these registering by the beings of light who made the transmission.
This project will certainly be supported by those who have faith, but also by those who don’t have faith out of curiosity. For gaining more credibility I will post here excerpts from these books in Romanian.
Supporters of this project will benefit by video books and by the high vibration emitted by them after subtitling.
Mind takes over the vibration no matter the language it is transmitted. Now it is the time of major changes in the world and my books talk about these spiritual changes. Those who have spiritual seeking will certainly be impressed by the information that flows through my voice, but also by the vibration emitted that they will perceive.
I can say that I want that this information will reach as many people as it is possible because I know that will be useful. Beyond words are more important things and they belong to the unseen world. We are bounded together by the energies we emit and which we resonate with. Resonance is done by thought, feeling, word, imagine. Each man needs the knowledge to live the joy of resonating with high energies of the Universe. My video books are a chance for those who seek the path to harmonization and spiritual evolution. Each man has the chances he offers himself, because those who are capable attract information and they live many synchronicities, sign that the Universe know their desires and open up the way to their fulfillment.

Those who will resonate with my video books will get access to high-frequency and their inner life will change. This can happen to many people, if my video books are subtitled in English. I thank you in advance to those who will finance my project. The reward will be given in video books and they will open the door to other people and more light.

Team Captain

Felicia Munteanu Felicia Munteanu