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For the past four years, Evergreen Presbyterian church has been partnering up with churches in Tizimin, Mexico to support the development of


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Vida is about bringing Mexico to life. Our aim and goal is to start a revival and spread the love of Christ to cities all across Mexico. Last year with your help we sponsored over 200 students and taught them about leadership, worship and the gospel. This year, we are expecting 400 students to attend Vida. Our fundraising goals for this year is $30,000. This will help cover all the costs of the conference (including the site rental, food and gifts), medical missions, village outreach (VBS), and church planting. Please join us by supporting us financially. With you, many gaols and causes will be met and together we know God will move and lead us to glorify Him

To find out more about Vida conferecence, please visit us at

$25: Sponsor one student to attend the Vida conference and supply them with a free t-shirt.

$50: Sponsor two students to attend the Vida Conference and supply them with a free t-shirt. We will also recognize your donation on the Vida retreat T-shirts to show that we all are in this together.

All of the above and more! You will also be sponsoring and providing shirts for 4 students to attend the Vida conference. We will include your name on the shirts and give you a copy of our ephotoalbum of Vida 2014.
Sponsor 8 students to attend the Vida Conference. You will be recognized for your sponsorship and receive a physical copy of our photoalbum for Vida 2014. Other amount $: Donate the amount that is on your heart. Any amount will be appreciated and it will be used to sponsor the Vida Conference for 2014.

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