Victims of secual violence


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"Victims of secual violence" a team fundraiser to help the undefined...


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Yes we can for progress unwavering commitment to the victims of sexual violence remain . We aim to help these victims rebuild their lives. With hope and progress we can and will. Please make a donation to our cause in supporting the needs of these women, newborns, boys and girls of very young ages , rape victims violated in tent cities, and their attackers are still among them , and not discreminating the age of these innocent victims to take advantage of their vulnerability. "VICTIMS OF CIRCUMSTANCES".

Your donation today to this cause for progress, will enable us to be closer in bringing this vision to reality. NO MORE RAGGEDY TENTS. and unsanitary living conditions.

Your donation , your voice saying loud and clear. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, will make an enormous difference in the lives of these victims of circumstances struggling to survive under dire conditions.

All funds raise will go directly to offset the cost for providing visible service s to the the lives of many.

Please take our plea to your fiends, family. church members. asking for help and support we deseperately need to make visible differences . We can not allow another year come and go and the same deplorable living conditions remain. HELP THE VICTIMS , from A YEAR AGO NATURAL DISASTER. January 12 2010, the year that touched the world. slash many hopeful dreams, change the lives of many, and brought permanent silence to many that left loved ones behind , and are still looking for direction to a chance for a better tomorrow today. DONATE TODAY! YES WE CAN FOR PROGRESS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO HAVE THAT BETTER TOMORROW TODAY. Just having a vision can not make it happen. "L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE". The people together can never be defeated.

Team Captain

Mireille Leroy Mireille Leroy

Provide A Turn-Around Chance for a better tomorrow today,Rebuilding a country is a long-term process..