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This campaign already ended. We hope you like the results!

$7,101 raised of $20,000
($4,071 online, $3,030 offline)

**It's not too late to donate!** Click on your decade page to send more kids to Encampment!

Team Members

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Bruce Varon

1970s (1971-1980)

$4,593 13


Dan Petigrow

1980s (1981-1990)

$1,074 8


Dana Cohen


$758 17


Eric Post

1990s (1991-2000)

$1,182 18

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Help raise $20,000 by March 20 to fund 32 full scholarships for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend encampment.

What was your favorite part of METNY encampment? Was it the great programming like Maccabiah, the Bible Bowl or talent show? Was it observing Shabbat with hundreds of fellow USYers, learning Jewish texts or singing ‘ruach’? Or was it forging friendships that last a lifetime (some even on the sun deck)?

Encampment enables USYers to meet fellow Jewish teens, learn about themselves and grow as a committed members of the Jewish community. For many USYers, however, these opportunities are dependent on the generosity of others. With a limited scholarship fund, METNY cannot help all of them. 25% of the attendees are already on full or partial scholarship.

We are asking for your help. It’s time to pay it forward and give USYers with limited means the chance to experience encampment. We have situations where a parent is out of work or medical issues are in the family and they cannot afford camp. We believe that “if a child has the want and desire to go to a program we should find them the money”.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by March 20 to fund 32 full scholarships or 64 partial scholarships for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend encampment. To reach our goal, each decade from 1970-present has a fundraising page and aims to raise $5,000 for encampment scholarships.

There is a competition and the winning decade will be acknowledged at METNY Encampment alumni day.

If you want to join your decade team and fundraise for the campaign, please contact:

1970s: Bruce Varon

1980s: Danny Petigrow

1990s: Eric Post

2000+: Dana Cohen

Thank you for your support!

Team Captain

Bruce Varon Bruce Varon