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Amos fellows lead social justice campaigns, connect Torah & social justice, develop non-profit skills and create community at Uri L'Tzedek!


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Pillar #1: Education/Thought Leadership

Our Social Justice Beit Midrash takes place monthly in New York and Los Angeles and convenes Jewish educators, scholars, and cutting-edge activists to create a new hermeneutic that integrates traditional textual study and contemporary social needs. To date, we have tackled the most important social justice issues such as domestic violence, micro-finance, ethical consumption, prison reform, and many others. We have hosted over 95 Social Justice Batei Midrash, impacting thousands across the country.

Uri L’Tzedek is currently publishing a series of social justice holiday supplements that tie Jewish wisdom into the rhythm of the Jewish calendar year. TheFood & Justice Hagaddah Supplement, Mah Ani: Self Reflection and Social Action for the High Holidays, and VeNahafochu – Making Your Way Through An Upside Down World, have been downloaded and read by over five thousand people and have created meaningful new Torah that helps spread our mission in intellectual and literary circles.

Uri L’Tzedek staff and board play a leading role in the Jewish public sphere by speaking across the country. We they have authored over 100 op-edsthat appeared in The Forward, Ha’aretz, and other leading Jewish publications and have been profiled over 100 times in print media. Our thought leadership has shifted the discourse in the Jewish world by including an Orthodox social justice voice.

Pillar #2: Leadership Development

Uri L’Tzedek has created different fellowships that train emerging adults with the skills necessary to become community organizers, social entrepreneurs, and change-agents. The Uri L’Tzedek Summer Fellowship, is a transformative leadership program that combines innovative social activism with leadership development and Torah, while the semester longAmos Fellowship is a unique opportunity to take leadership roles in social justice campaigns. Through Uri L’Tzedek fellowships and other leadership opportunities, over 100 emerging adults have been trained as Orthodox social justice activists.

Pillar #3: Action

As of March 2012, there are 100 restaurants certified by Uri L’Tzedek’s Tav HaYosher. Over forty social justice activists have been trained to run compliance visits at the certified establishments. An exclusive website, www.isupportthetav.com has been created to further advertise each restaurant and spread the word about this initiative.

Uri L’Tzedek has played a vital role in the Flaum’s Campaign by organizing protests and applying consumer pressure. Through our actions, over 20 supermarkets no longer carry Flaum products, and Tnuva, a multinational food manufacturer is no longer distributed by Flaum.

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