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We are a group of females who come from different walks but share the same passion. We do daily devotions and give inspiring messages to help woman on social media and then we do an annual event in October in Houston, TX. Our passion is to help empower women to move forward in spite of their past, and the current issues that they are entangled in.We help women who have been abused, battling depression and who are struggling with life situations that are out of their control and who need spiritual strength. We believe that it is God's purpose for all of us to be emotionally and spiritually stable. We challenge, inspire and it is our goal to give each woman the practical and spiritual tools to help them get through each disappointment and struggle that they are dealing with so that they can move forward and rise above their issues.

We have a budget of $6,500 for the upcoming event that is taking place in October in Houston, TX. In the past we have held the event at a church but this year we are holding it at a hotel so the budget has increased due to the rental, sound equipment, and media. We also want to keep the registration fee down and make it affordable for those who are wanting to attend this year. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated and it will be tax deductible. Thank you so much for your gift.

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