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"Unpleasant Horsepower" a team to help the SEATTLE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL...


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"Unpleasant Horsepower" are one of 3 PopCap kart racing teams looking to raise at least $2000 for Children's Hospital. Many kids in need of care at Children's Hospital don't have the money to pay off the debt they accrue there. This is a fun way to both crush all competition ;) while at the same time helping out kids and their families who are in desperate need of financial help.

This is an "Endurance Race" that will last 2 hours and reduce us all to panting puddles of perspiration. We'll be giving it our all, so hopefully some of you can help us reach our goal in return for some high speed entertainment. PopCap is helping us a little, but we're relying on friends and families to sponsor us up to the $2000 mark. I haven't worked out all the details just yet, but some very cool PopCap schwag awaits anyone who can make us a decent pledge.

Team Unpleasant Horsepower consists of: Isaac Aubrey, Ivar Michelsons, Russ Tarleton and David Franzi. We're hard workers in the trenches of PopCap with a not-so-secret passion for racing. If you put your dollars on us, you won't be disappointed!

For more information on the event, where it's happening and how you can get a ticket, check out this site:


For further information, email me at isaac@popcap.com

Thanks everyone!

Team Captain

Isaac Aubrey Isaac Aubrey