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"UNCC SSDP" is a team to help the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies raise funds for MDMA phase 3 trials.


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We are a small team of 3 who are in the very early stages of building a foundation for the University of North Carolina's chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Our end game goal as an organization is to put an end to the War on Drugs, which has shown in many cases to be more harmful than beneficial. We intend to do this by raising awareness to the harm reduction that can come from ending the war on drugs, as well as highlighting where the war on drugs violates some basic human rights.

This fundraiser is directly correlating to our goal because this is an FDA approved study to get MDMA legalized and used therapeutically to aid PTSD. MAPS is a nonprofit organization, seeking out a total of $400,000 to purchase 1kg of MDMA to conduct Phase 3 trials. This is groundbreaking research as PTSD is an extremely prevalant illness that can even be the direct cause of murder or suicide.

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