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Uganda Village Project Internship 2016: A team of upcoming summer interns fundraising the work they will do with the UGANDA VILLAGE PROJECT


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The cornerstone of Uganda Village Project’s (UVP) public health projects is the Healthy Villages program. Healthy Villages bundles a series of cost-effective, village-level health interventions designed to address the most common health problems in Uganda’s rural environment. UVP works closely with community members to encourage healthy behaviors around hygiene and sanitation, malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, obstetric fistula, and safe water. We work in partnership with local health centers and other nonprofit organizations so that we can connect villages to programs and services already available in their areas and educate community members about how to prevent and treat common health concerns in their area.

In 2014, through the Healthy Villages Program, 3,255 people were tested for HIV with 14 educational drama performances about the topic performed. Education-only sessions in family planning topics were held for 502 women, and 428 women receieved contraceptatives during 999 consulations. Over a thousand villagers participated in sanitation campaigns, with 186 new latrines built to safety standards and 883 handwashing devices constructed. With all of this and so much more brought to underserved communities, the Healthy Villages program is truly impacting health and development!

The Healthy Villages Internship provides a broad exposure to UVP’s diverse community health programs. Our interns engage with theories and practices of public health and international development in a grassroots context. Intern teams spend the summer establishing, sustaining, and monitoring UVP’s public health and advocacy programs in rural communities throughout Iganga District. Ultimately, interns focus on grassroots health promotion strategies in order to improve public health in partnered villages, while gaining experience in cross-cultural collaboration and team-building, community immersion, practical knowledge and skill building, and critical thinking & leadership development.

All international interns are required to pay or fundraise a program fee of $2250 to UVP. The program fee covers meals, housing, orientation, staff support, and project costs throughout the summer, and also includes a donation towards Uganda Village Project’s programs in Uganda. 100% of money raised is used in Uganda, while being tax-deductible in the United States. By donating, you can help alleviate the cost for interns and encourage the wonderful work and life-changing experiences they will have.

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