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"TSE 2013 Made in the Shade" a team to help the TSE INC...

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Dan Rietz

Dan's 2013 Made in the Shade

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Lynne Megan

Lynne walks for TSE in 2013 Made in the Shade. Join me!

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Steve Lilly

Efrem's walk for TSE

$345 9


Suzette Frith

Made In The Shade Walk, Run, Roll

$225 4

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TSE Provides Training, Support, and Employment for people with disabilities. All funds raised by TSE will be used to support the people we serve, primarily with transportation.

The reimbursement and funding for our transportation is far less than our actual cost. Made in the Shade is a great opportunity for you to come out, have fun and help individuals who have a disability have safe and reliable transportation to and from work and for their lives.

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Lynne Megan Lynne Megan

  1. Lynne MeganLynne Megan 08/26/2013 at 03:45 PM ET
    Great Team! Steve and Suzette win a prize for signing up so quickly!! :)