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TRUTH Select Baseball devlepment program, serving communities by reaching and teachign our youth through sports and education.


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PrimeTime Sports Association / TRUTH Sports added baseball to it's youth sports program in the spring of 2010. True to form and the many passions, our founder, Deion Sanders, PrimeTime Association / Sanders Claus, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is very excited about this new addition to TRUTH Sports offerings. Currently we have 10 teams with youth from the ages 8U through 13U and looking to add more with the right resources

Our Mission.
Our mission is to serve communities by reaching and teaching our youth through sports and education. We promote positive self images by providing an environment of coaches, mentors and tutors who believe in our youth. We encourage them to embrace the highest values and sense of responsibilities to their families, peers and communities. We invest in the mental, spiritual, physical, financial and overall well-being to build stronger kids by reinforcing education.

TRUTH Select Baseball is for athletes, families and coaches who seek playing the game of baseball at the highest level. Our student athletes will be required to maintain a "B" average in the classroom.

TRUTH Select Baseball is designed to be a premier organization, mirroring our other TRUTH family programs where players are invited and selected from all over the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. One unique implementation to our structure is the offering of regional youth teams based on our athlete's residence demographics.

If you haven't noticed we have highlighted TRUTH throughout this page. What Does the TRUTH Stand for(Our Creed)?

  • Trust In God
  • Respect Myself and Others
  • Understand I have unlimited possibilities
  • Try my best and never give up
  • Honor myself and the TRUTH Creed at all times

Unfortunately the cost of select baseball is a barrier to the participation of youth in the various communities our athletes come from. Our fees are significantly lower than other select organizations in the area. (easily 20%-50% lower). We try to keep it low to make it easier for families to participate in our development program. We offer spring and fall baseball. Many of our athletes play multiple sports and so the burden is even heavier for our families. The fees include uniforms, league fees, tournament fees, insurance, facility rental, special instruction, etc. We also like to create overnight opportunities for our athletes and families so they can experience more than what is between the highways that surround our communities. The economy has taken a toll on families with members using jobs and there are many single parents in the family as well.

So we know that We know that our offering and what we desire to off actually costs more than many family members can afford. As such, all of our families are actively involved in fundraisers and seeking sponsorships to cover costs. In addition, all of our coaches volunteer their time to keep the cost down. It's still not enough.

Our athletes and families have the ability, but we have to find a way to keep the door open to the opportunity. If would like to invest in the athletic, life skills, academic and character development of one of our athletes tax deductible contribution will go a long way.

Team Captain

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