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As part of The Mommies Network, TriangleMommies.com is a FREE community for moms in Durham, Wake and Orange counties, North Carolina. We realize that all moms need local support -- and who can't use another friend? TriangleMommies.com offers a simple way to connect with local moms for friendship, support and fun. Members meet on our private discussion forums to share information on everything from where to get the best haircut to tips on transitioning to a "big kid" bed. Each month, we also offer many face-to-face events for our members, their children and their families.

Donations allow our chapter to exist for FREE. No one should have to pay to make a friend or receive support and advice. Many lasting friendships have been created thanks to The Mommies Network. Even moms that are no longer members still have the friendships that they created due to this network. Please consider donating to this fundraiser! Your donation will help to ensure another mom gets the support and advice that she needs and possibly create another friendship that will last a lifetime.

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