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Im a young man trying to lay down the future for the younger youth I was a kid who when though a lot in life such as placement and foster care I was in this places from the age of 12-19 trying to live with my dad but always got denied,but they told me since you're doing good in school you should stay and go to school and graduate.Then you can go, but little after my court date my dad passed away and I had know place to go,but now my hard times are coming to an end my step mom has taken me in and has been helping me on my pursuit of happiness.Iv e never did drugs or alcohol. Iv e had good grades for most of all my life but once i moved out the bad setting I was in I always had good grades and i could never play sports in school because some of the games were out of town and I love sports and im good at them.Im also good at art which helped me deal with a lot of things that was happening in my life I never learned from a teacher Im just skilled at it.I can do any thing I put my mind to and I love challenges iv e been independent my whole life basically there where lots of people who helped me like getting my stuff for graduation because of my dad passing away i didn't have the money for school a lot of things lots of people encouraged and helped my pursuit of happiness and a lot of people let me down.This is what motivates me, me being to only boy in my family to graduate high school and not do drugs or alcohol because everyone in my family has that problem with those things and to prove my self to not only my family but the world that I can be someone and the thing that got in my way.Im currently working on a book about my life to help the youth or adult learn that there are ways around thing my book is going to be called( Born a Slave Die a King ) and from the money of the books im going to set up a program call ( Mined Over Matter ) or ( M.O.M. ) I hope to set places for are youth can go for help a safe place in which the staff and me will help the kids get the help they need and keep kids off the streets and to provide hope and dreams for the ones who has none my days in placements weren't nice so i want to TRY and help and also the people who owned the places don't even knows the names of the kids they don't even know what we look like but they get to decide what happens to us i want the staff to know all kids name even me play sports and do hands on work with the people who are in the care of ( Mined Over Matter or M.O.M )

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