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Support Teach For Nepal's mission to provide quality education to children attending high need public schools in Nepal.


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Over 30% of Nepal's population is illiterate. Only about 10% population has graduated from secondary school (grade 10 equivalent). In 2014, over 360,000 students who took the School Leaving Certificate examinations, taken at the end of grade 10, failed to graduate. Every year less than 50% students who take the SLC examinations pass. The examination is called an 'iron gate' in Nepal for it determines future education and life opportunities for the students. Nepal has two types of school systems - for profit private schools and governemnt run schools. Almost 85% Nepal's student population goes to government schools, which are mostly free. Only about 15% students are enrolled in private schools. However, on the national tests like the SLC, over 90% students in private schools graduate but less than 30% of the government schools do so. In addition to higher failure rate at the SLC, about 70% students drop out before they reach grade 10. This, in essence, mean that out of 100 students who enroll in grade 1 less than 9 will complete the secondary school and move on to higher education.

Given the scale of the challenge, Teach For Nepal recruits, trains, and places outstanding university graduates and future leaders to teach in high need public schools. Over the last two years, Teach For Nepal has placed 49 Teach For Nepal Fellows who make two years of teaching commitment. The Fellows live and work mostly in rural Nepal often giving up life of comfort in urban areas.

Currently, Teach For Nepal Fellows reach to about 3,600 children in 25 Schools across two districts of the country. For 2015, Teach For Nepal is recruting additional 60 Fellows.

The Everest Base Camp Challenge Trek is to raise funds to support the work of Teach For Nepal. Trekkers from around the world commit to raise US $3,500. The proceed from the trek supports a Fellow's one year's annual stipend. Each Fellow teaches about 120 children.

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Shisir Khanal Shisir Khanal

Shisir Khanal Co-Founder and CEO of Teach For Nepal