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"Together for a Cure" is a team devoted to raising money for the CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC.


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On November 11th, 2012, we will be participating in various distances in the Kakeroma Half Marathon event. Kakeroma is a small island off of the slightly larger island called Amami Oshima. These islands are located in Southern Japan. We will be raising money to donate to the Cancer Research Institute, a creditable Non-Profit Organization devoted to funding research efforts for “the treatment, control, and prevention of cancer.”

Our Team:

Megan - Running the 5K! (lives in Amami, Japan)
JoAnn - Walking the 5K! (lives in Indiana, U.S.A.)
Roger - Running the 10K! (lives in Indiana, U.S.A.)
Hide - Running the 10K! (lives in Amami, Japan)
Saya - Running the 10K! (lives in Amami, Japan)
Carson - Running the half marathon! (lives in Amami, Japan)
Seido - Running the half marathon! (lives in Amami, Japan)

Our Mission:

There are millions of people worldwide diagnosed with some form of cancer every year. In Japan, there were 353,499 deaths in 2010 due to cancer. This means one person every 2 minutes died from cancer. This year, 577,190 Americans are expected to die from cancer. This means about 1,500 deaths per day, 62 people each hour, one person per minute. Cancer accounts for one out of every eight deaths worldwide. In 2008 alone, there were an estimated 12.7 million deaths due to cancer.

Our group wants to raise money toward researching the causes and cures for this deadly disease. Cancer affects every family, and many people are at risk of getting cancer in the future. With your donation, not only are you helping increase the chances of survival for those already diagnosed, but you are also increasing your own.

I urge you to donate. If everyone, including those of you who are not as financially stable, donated only $5 (500 yen), we could raise thousands of dollars toward cancer prevention and cure research.

More Information

Cancer Research Institute: (English)

Cancer Statistics in Japan: (Japanese)

-- 日本のバージョンは後でしますので、少々お待ちください --

Team Captain

Megan McLees Megan McLees

I love donating, and want to educate others on the importance of donation, even if it's just $10.