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Today Your Gift is Matched, Doubling Your Impact-- Giving Tuesday 2014


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"Today Your Gift is Matched, Doubling Your Impact-- Giving Tuesday 2014" a team to help the FUND FOR EDUCATION ABROAD...

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FEA Scholarships

The Texas Scholarship

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The Inaugural PDX Scholarship

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FEA Scholarships

2014 Rainbow Day of Giving--December 2

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FEA Unrestricted Scholarship Fund

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Double the impact of your gift to FEA this Giving Tuesday, with the generous support of several companies and individuals that have stepped forward to help!

NEA Member Benefits will match $3,000 for Rainbow Scholarship and Rainbow SIG member, Jan Kieling will match up to $1,000 to the Silver Lining Fund for deserving LGBTQ Students who wish to remain anonymous.

AIFS Foundation will match up to $2,500 of gifts to the inaugural PDX Abroad Scholarship.

An FEA Board Advisor will match $250 to help the wonderful Texas Scholarship crew close the gap and achieve $5,000...

Architect, Eric Colbert & Associates will match up to $1,500 for unrestricted scholarships, benefiting the majority of FEA scholars.

Our volunteers in the field are raising money for the scholarship they care the most for--and today friends of FEA are helping them by offering matching funds to help them achieve their goals. Please considering giving today to help our volunteers and FEA achieve financial goals for the upcoming cycle of scholarships. A gift today is worth twice as much, doubling the impact of your charitable gift!

Double your gift today and help FEA increase the number and diversity of students studying abroad.

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