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The Minnesota Project Board matching challenge - $3,000 for a 2 : 1 match!


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The Minnesota Project Board and leadership team has combined their efforts to set up a challenge of $3,000 for the first Give to the Max Day which will be combined with the SUPERVALU Foundation providing a 2 : 1 match for the first $3,000 donated for the 2014 GTMD campaign.

The Minnesota Project – an organization that is making a difference every day by expanding local food access and increasing on-farm clean energy use in the state. Our accomplishments include:

- Delivering the equivalent of 500,000 servings (that’s the population of the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area!) of fresh, local fruit to 31 local food shelves and three regional food banks throughout the state.

- Helping poultry producers lower their production costs through LED lighting technology – for an annual savings of more than $37,000.

- Engaging 64 gardens and seven farmer’s markets to donate more than 30,000 pounds (or 240,000 servings) of produce to seven food shelves in Hennepin County.

Your generous support is invaluable to our sustainability goals for Minnesota. Join us on November 14th, Minnesota’s Give to the Max Day, and you can double or even triple your donations! The first $3,000 donated to The Minnesota Project on November 14th will generate a 2:1 match, and the next $7,000 in donations will be matched 1:1—thanks to donations from individual board members and a generous matching grant from the SUPERVALU Foundation.

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