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"TKN Alaska Missions" a team to help the ALASKA MISSIONS AND RETREATS serve the people of the Last Frontier State.


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TKN is heading north! Join us in providing help to Brenda Crim and her team of missionaries as they serve the people of Alaska with:

Salmon Frenzy 2013

Iditarod Outreach

Bush village ministry

Retreats for rest and recovery

Many other ministries and events

Brenda Crim has lived in Alaska for almost ten years, and in that short time, she has accomplished what no one before her has attempted.

Through Alaska Missions, Brenda has provided logistical and organizational help for events that had functioned in chaos in the past.

The Iditarod, a 444-mile dog-sled race, once functioned with minimal organization. Now, Alaska Missions and Retreats provides manpower and equipment to maintain order and provide assistance to the crowds at the start and finish of the race.

Similarly, for several weeks in July, thousands throng the beaches of Alaska to dipnet for salmon, and the resulting logistical nightmare used to create opportunities for crime and violence amid the disorder. Thanks to Brenda and the Alaska Missions team, the frenzy around the salmon dipnetting season has turned into a safe and family-friendly event every year.

Now Brenda has taken her determination and ingenuity into the bush villages of the farthest reaches of frozen Alaska, a feat unheard of in recent history. She has offered and given a helping hand and healing to a people once unwilling to accept it. Gaining their trust has proven perhaps her greatest accomplishment.

Her ministry has also branched out to offer the residents and natives of Alaska a place of retreat where they can leave behind the rugged permafrost of the Alaskan culture and experience the unexpected warmth of God's love.

Please consider donating to her organization through TKN Salmon Frenzy 2013. Your gift will multiply her efforts and give Alaska Missions the resources to expand its powerful reach into the heart of Alaska.

Team Captain

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