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"Thru-Walkers-2016" a team to help the THE LEBANON MOUNTAIN TRAIL...

Lebanon Mountain Trail Thru-Walkers 2016

Hiking the LMT to support Guesthouse Owners in Rural Areas

Dear Friends,

I will be hiking the Lebanon Mountain Trail during the annual Thru-Walk this April.

I am hiking to help raise funds to improve the kitchens of guesthouses on the trail. This is where we and other visitors are generously accommodated by wonderful women and men striving to serve us better and improve their livelihoods.

LMTA’s 2016 Thru-Walk theme is highlighting Food Heritage in the trailside communities.

Food Heritage is an essential part of cultural heritage. It is a reflection of the communities’ adaptation to their natural environment and the local biodiversity. Running along villages from North to South, the LMT is the perfect platform to highlight the richness and diversity of Lebanon’s mountainous rural food.

During the Thru Walk, and in addition to highlighting the seasonal menus that the LMTA has recently developed with hosts on the trail, several events will be also organized:

- Two special fire camp events in Ain Zebde, in the Beqaa

- One cooking session at Tannourine guesthouse in the North

- A music and food feast revolving around food, with zajal in Kfardebiane, in the Kessrouane

- Wild edible plants discovery and harvest (sleeka) in Bazaoun, in the North

With your contribution the LMTA will be able to:

- Supply kitchenware and tableware to guesthouses to improve their services

- Contribute to improving the promotion of their local foods and traditional “mouneh” (processing of food and agri-produce to preserve them to be consumed later during the year)

- Contribute to the special food heritage events and activities during the Thru Walk

THANK YOU for supporting me!

Team Captain

Joseph Karam Joseph Karam