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"Thirsty Buffs" a team to help the THE SAMBURU PROJECT INC...


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Dave Johnstone

Dave's Walk for Water Fundraiser Page

$740 14


Christie Davis

Christie Davis' Walk for Water Fundraiser

$520 21


Chelsie Petersen

Chelsie's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$300 7


Brad Goldberg

Brad Goldberg's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$120 9


Sarah Spence

Sarah Spence's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$110 4


Meghan Schafer

Meghan Schafer's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$100 4


Kelly Hilton

Kelly Hilton's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$100 2


Brian Bieschke

Brian Bieschke's Walk for Water Fundraiser

$80 4


Sydney Burgoyne

Sydney's Walk for Water Fundraiser

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Stephanie Lyra

Stephanie's Walk for Water Fundraiser

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CJ Pendleton

CJ's Walk for Water Fundraising Page

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Cam Setzer

Cam Setzer's Walk for Water Fundraiser

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Celebrating Earth Day by Walking for Water, creating awareness about the World Water Crisis and raising funds to drill more water wells in Africa!

The Samburu Project is a nonprofit organization that provides easy access to clean, safe drinking water to Samburu District of Kenya. The Samburu women walk up to 12 miles a day to search for water. This means that women can't go to school or have a job. Often times, this water is completely contaminated and water-related disease is the leading cause of death among children under 5 in Kenya.

It costs The Samburu Project $20,000 to build a well in Kenya and each well provides clean, safe drinking water to 1,000 people for life. Since our start in 2005, we have drilled 73 wells= 73,000 people in Samburu, Kenya with clean, safe drinking water, producing these results:

  • Girls attending school has tripled in number in our well communities
  • Women in micro enterprise activities has grown by well over 1,000
  • Health problems mitigated through clean water consumption
  • Strong leadership with a team of Samburu tribesman responsible for our day to day operations in their community
  • Food security realized with the creation of agricultural initiatives

The 6th Annual Walk for Water will be held on Sunday, April 19th in Hermosa Beach, CA. Please donate to our Walk for Water fundraising page and help us bring more water wells to Kenya!

Team Captain

Dave Johnstone Dave Johnstone

  1. Dave JohnstoneDave... 04/16/2015 at 05:22 PM ET
    Thanks to everyone for joining the team and fund raising for this amazing cause! Final push here, lets get a few more $$ before sunday. also, BBQ and beers and beach time this weekend at my house!
  2. Dave JohnstoneDave... 03/26/2015 at 01:30 PM ET