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"TheGambia2013" is Crossgate's 3rd mission team to The Gambia, a small, predominantly Muslim country in western Africa.

Team Members

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During the two trips last year, teams from Crossgate taught native pastors, preached Christ over the radio, worked with local Christians to make bricks to build churches and held a Bible school for 75 children. Equipment taken to The Gambia on our second trip led to the establishment of a soccer outreach that has allowed Christ to be preached in many villages that are entirely Muslim.

We are excited to go back to The Gambia (March 28 through April 8) to hold a Bible school for 200 Gambian children. The Church in The Gambia has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. The national leaders hope that God will use this Bible school to help raise a new generation of Christians in this predominately Muslim country.

Children in The Gambia are typically very impoverished. Funding has been requested to help feed the children for the week of Bible school as well as to purchase foam mats to sleep on. We will also be taking shoes for the children.

Some of the team members have stepped out in faith to go on this trip. Funding is also needed to help with travel expenses.

Team Captain

Michael Thorsland Michael Thorsland