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Join us to raise funds to open a K-8 grade private non-profit Montessori school fall of 2014.


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We are a group of parents who want to continue the montessori education that our children have received from infants though K. Our public schools are great but are over crowded, are going through budget cuts and we would like an alternative. We orgnially were going to be a public charter school but cuts in funding skidded that concept to a halt. There are enough parents interested in this meathod of learning to make a private school viable. We are planning to start with two preschools and an E1 classroom (1 through 3 grade). Then we will expand up to 8th grade. We are going to use modular housing. To read more about the school please go to

To help be a success we need your help. Become part of our team and contribute to purchase:

1. Montessori supplies. We have found a supplier that provides the materials for the classrooms at 72% off. For example instead of over $11,500 for Montessori learning materials this site sells them for $3199.00. We need three of these special montessori packages - one for each classroom. To see how montessori materials differ from standard classrooms please go to

2. Montessori classroom has different classroom layouts. It uses real wood, child size furiture and materials the children to hold. The furniture normally $18,500 is $8,499 per a room. We ideally need two of these furniture packages.

3. Start up funding of 30k to pay for the fees to start and one month of operational funding. The parents will be paying a monthly tution while will support the school after the first month.

4. 20k to 190k to purchase the land. We researched leasing from various places in town and for the first year of a leased space would be 50k to 100,000k depending on the size of square footage. After we picked our jaws off the floor we went )(*#$)@(# we can buy land and put modular buildings on the land for that price!!

5. We are looking to use for green modular buildings. OMG look these over. Would you not want to have your child learn in this space? We are finding out the cost to lease/rent and buy. Stay tuned. We will post the buying price here on this site.

We are in the process of being a 501c3. It takes time. We will get you the appropriate numbers to make sure your donation (which we thank you from the bottom of our heart) is tax deductiable.

Thank you. Please use the power of social media to pass this fundraiser around. Every dollar helps.

Team Captain

Kelly Baltzell Kelly Baltzell